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  • Michigan Rhinoplasty

    Michigan Rhinoplasty

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  • Otoplasty Michigan

    Otoplasty Michigan

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    Liposuction Michigan

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    Dermabrasion Michigan

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    Face Lift Michigan

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    Breast Lift Michigan

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Michigan Cosmetic Procedures

Modern advancements in medical technology provides with different surgical operations to correct different deformities as well as enhance physical appearance. Among the common procedures is use of rhinoplasty a procedure applied to the nose to either treat or correct a deformity or improves the overall facial appearance.

Rhinoplasty in Michigan

Rhinoplasty starts with an in-depth examination by a specialized surgeon in Michigan. This involves both the external and the internal parts of the nose and used t ascertain the patient’s ability to tolerate physiologic stress of the surgery. This examination is also used to determine the extent of deformity and hence forms a platform on the type of process to be applied in the surgery. Once satisfied with the examination, the surgeon sedates the patients alongside other preparations for the operation.

The surgical process starts with separation of the nasal skin from the soft tissues on the nose framework. This is followed by reshaping ad correction of various tissues as predefined. Bone and cartilage grafts may be used to change the nasal contours or strengthen them. Surgery may either be primary, which means it is conducted for the first time on the patient or secondary if it is done to correct a defect arising from a previous surgery.

Otoplasty in Michigan

Deformities on the external ear are corrected through an otoplasty process. This surgical process features only external ear and may entail correcting deformities by reshaping, moving or creation of an external ear to produce a near natural ear with equal proportions and symmetry.

Before starting on the surgical process, the surgeon undertakes an examination to determine the type of deformity to be treated. This is followed by sedating the patient through use of appropriate drugs. Two types of procedures may some times be undertaken to correct the deformity. An incision is made on one side of the ear cartilage. From this point, the surgeon applies the essential elements to give the desired contours and enhance the ear as required. An incision less otoplasty can also be carried out that entails the use of needles without the need for incisions.

Liposuction in Michigan

Excessive fast in various parts of the body pose a great health risk. Surgical procedure to remove this excess fat is referred to as liposuction and is undertaken by a qualified practitioner. Such practitioner must be in a position to determine the right place and time to remove the fats without posing any health risks.

Before starting on the procedure, the patient is undertaken through an elaborate process explaining the possible effects and guide in choosing the right points where the fat should be removed. This is followed by signing of a consent form by the patient. Once this is done, preparations are done and they entail administration of antibiotics approximately an hour before the procedure, marking of the areas where the fat is to be removed, and injection of the sedative. After sedation the surgical process is done in the manner prescribed and agreed by the surgeon and the patient and takes only a few hours.

Dermabrasion in Michigan

A surgical procedure applied to the skin. It s used to treat scars and other forms of defects that may be prevalent. It entails removal of the outer and in certain instances the middle layer of the skin. Various medical tools can be used fort h purpose including diamond wheel, wire brush, salt crystals and sterilized sand paper. Modern tool used for dermabrasion is the laser among other mechanical means. The process starts with identification of the areas where the process is required. This is followed by sterilization and sedation of the patient. A dermatologist or plastic surgeon then applies the designed tool to undertake the process. Minor skin bleeding maybe experienced during the process and this should be controlled through appropriate means.

Face Lift in Michigan

Considered to be among the top cosmetic surgeries on modern day, this process entails removal of wrinkles on the facial and neck skin to give it a more youthful look. Excess and sagging skin is removed through surgical procedures and undertaken by a qualified practitioner.

Before starting the surgical process, the surgeon takes into consideration the patient’s age, the areas to be removed and the probable time to heal from the process. Sedation is done before starting the surgery after which an incision is made starting at the front of the ear and extending to the its back and along the hairline to the back of the neck. Skin and deeper tissues around the neck and cheeks are then separated. Unnecessary tissues are removed, tightened as per the surgeon’s outline and then after the incisions on the skin are closed.

Breast Lift in Michigan

This process entails raising the sagging breasts in women. The procedure involves modification of the breast size, contours and elevation through surgical processes. Owing to the breasts functional sensitivity, this critical procedure requires to be undertaken by a qualified practitioner.

The process starts with taking the patient through the gains and risks involved in the process. Upon this the surgeon undertakes an examination to ascertain the type of procedure that would be befitting. After sedation, incisions are made on different parts of the breast to make changes to the breast pocket. However, the number is always limited to reduce the number of scars that will be left on the breast. The process maybe applied for the purpose and they include the periareola lift, circumareola lift of the circumvertical lift.

Body Contouring in Michigan

After undertaking weight reduction procedures, different parts of the body remain with excess fats and skin that cause uneven body shape. Body contouring is a surgical process undertaken to remove the excess fats and skin from various parts of the body.

Before the process starts, the surgeon takes an intensive examination on the patient. This includes medical history and identification of the areas where the process will be applied. This is then subdivided in different stages that feature different parts and each stage follows a successful completion of the previous one.

Chemical peel in Michigan

The skin always generates dead cells that make it rough, cause wrinkles and makes it appear aged. Chemical peel is application of chemical solution to remove the dead cells and leave the ski smooth and looking younger.

The medical practitioner undertakes an examination to determine the patient’s skin type and the most appropriate solution to use. Information is provided to the patient on the possible risks and gains from the process and the time required. Sedation is administered before application to reduce the pain and itching of the skin during the process.