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Aging, breastfeeding, pregnancy and weight fluctuations are among the major causes of sagging breasts. Through a breast lift surgical process, the youthful appearance and firmness of the breast can be enhanced and in such way. This is a simple process done by a professional surgeon who has full understanding and expertise in the job. Uplift process entail removal of the skin and breast tissues and lifting of the nipple to the desired shape. The process entails the following steps:

breast lift procedure in Michigan

Examination and advice

Before starting on the surgical process, an in-depth examination is undertaken. This takes into account the desired outcome, the patient’s prevailing health status and the available treatment options. With this information, the surgeon advises on the possible outcomes including the gains and risks that may arise at the end of the procedure.

Preparation for the surgery

After examination, preparation is then done for the surgical process. This entails precautions on the health measures required in place such as quitting smoking a few weeks before the surgery and not to eat at least six hours before the surgery. With this understanding, a consent form must be signed indicating you are in agreement with the stipulated terms.

Immediately before the process, general anesthesia is done alongside an ultrasound scan or mammogram this acts as a guide on the blood vessels, muscles and other breast parts during the operation. Marking are then made on the areas where incision will be done.

The surgical process

Different surgical procedures are applied to achieve a breast lift. This is dependent on the surgeon’s choice and the desired results. However, the process entails creation of incisions on the spots marked during preparation. The surgeon then removes the skin around the areola and from the lower part of the breast. If the uplift requires reduction in size of the breast, the surgeon then removes some part of the areola.

If it involves enlargement, then an implant are inserted either on the lower breast tissue or behind the chest muscle. Silicone implants are the most common for this purpose. After this is done successfully, the nipples are repositioned with consideration being made to maintain the desired shape and symmetry of the breasts. This is followed by stitching the cuts and dressing them for support and healing. The surgeon may advise for a sleepover in the medical facility and advice on the steps for better healing.


Breast lift is among the common cosmetic surgeries today. Despite its popularity of the practice, it is important to consider the possible outcomes before undertaking the operation. This can be sourced from surgical experts and adequate examination undertaken to ensure the process chosen bears the desired results.

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