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Dermabrasion is a procedure that is performed by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. This procedure is only meant to affect the superficial layer of the skin and this makes it safe most people because it does not affect the skin in a major way. It can be used to treat acne, wrinkles, age spots and also removal of tattoos.

How dermabrasion is performed.

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It is a surgical procedure that requires the use of local anesthesia and in some cases an intravenous sedation. This is meant to make the skin numb enough before an abrasive device is applied. The abrasive device can be such as a rapidly rotating wire brush or a diamond encrusted wheel. A refrigerant spray is also used to reduce the movement of the skin during the procedure. This is mostly used during deep abrasion procedures.

Before dermabrasion is carried out, it is recommended that one should use retinoid cream, take antiviral medication as well as oral antibiotic. This helps prevent any kind of bacterial and viral infections after the procedure. It is very important because it helps quicken the healing process.

Areas that are to be treated are marked out and cleaned and ice is also placed on them. The cleaning helps to ensure that there are no risks of any infections occurring. The procedure is then usually done one small area at time. The device used takes off the top layers of the skin on the specific areas and sometimes bleeding can occur. The bleeding can be stopped using gauze. This process also removes the deeper layers of the epidermis and extends the reticular dermis. The level of dermabrasion depends on the type of skin condition that is to be treated.

The face is the most common area for this kind of procedure because it has a high concentration of pilosebaceous glands and a rich network of vascular network which make the healing process to be very effective and fast.

The physician performing this procedure should be highly experienced so as to ensure that they do not cause inappropriate scarring of the skin. This means that experience should be considered when choosing one who has to perform the procedure on you.

Afterwards, the skin is usually red and raw and it can take upto 30 days for it to fully heal. However, the healing time depends on the level of skin removal during the procedure. The skin that grows back is usually smooth and younger looking than before.

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