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Dericxx Having a face lift is an empowering and rejuvenating procedure. Many patients feel younger and happier than they have been in years as they finally look on the outside they way they feel on the inside. Here is an overview of different procedures and types of face lift types that are commonly performed today.

Traditional face lift

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The most commonly recognized and requested operation is a traditional face lift. This involves a surgeon making an incision along the hairline and lifting the skin and underlying muscle. This technique smoothes out the wrinkles of the forehead in addition to lifting the cheeks, jaw line and improving the area around the nose. It works by creating an overall tighter “fit” of the skin. A similar procedure is called a forehead or brow lift. This targets these specific areas in much the same way a traditional one does.


This operation is done on people who have drooping or sagging eyelids. This technique removes the bags under the eyes that are such obvious signs of aging. This simple operation makes patients look much younger and well rested hence a popular choice among many people.


In this face lift procedure, there are actually no knives involved. Instead, a special surgical thread will be used to pull up and reposition the facial skin to lessen or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Compared to traditional face lift surgery, this is considerably low-risk and less expensive.

Facial fillers

Facial fillers are injected to creases in the skin, making your skin look more plump and supple. This procedure also lessens the appearance of wrinkles, but will not necessarily eliminate sagging skin in the face and neck area. This is more recommended for people who have minimal skin sagging and who are just looking for a procedure that can make their faces look refreshed.

3 day face lift

Finally, there is the 3 day face lift. This is not actually a procedure, but a diet, but people claim the effects are the same. The diet should be followed strictly, because if not it will deem ineffective. The diet plan is complete program, at the end of which you should feel an improvement not only on your physical appearance but your health as well.


Regardless of which of the many face lift procedure a person chooses they are sure to get a face that will remind themselves and everyone else of how young they are inside.

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