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Why would you want otoplasty done to reshape your ears? One obvious answer is that you simply believe your ears are too big. They might not necessarily protrude too much from your head, you just might not like their large size. Or perhaps you were born with a congenital deformity in one or more ears. It could be that you simply don’t like the shape of your ears and have a picture in your mind of a shape that would go better with your face. Whatever your reason, you ought to know the entire otoplasty procedure before you go into it. Here is an overview of common otoplasty procedures

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How is it done?

Fortunately, otoplasty is a relatively safe and simple procedure these days, as long as a reputable cosmetic surgeon does it. What you have done specifically depends, of course, on your particular ear issue. Procedure can include “shaving” the earlobe in such a way that doesn’t leave a scar but shapes the lobe, cutting the cartilage behind the ear in the crease and reshaping from there, or even folding and suturing skin in places to create a more realistic-looking ear in the case of a congenital deformity.

Otoplasty for prominent or protruding ears is carried out under local or general anesthesia depending upon the age of the patient. The plastic surgeon would then make an incision on the well hidden back side of the ear that would allow the reshaping of the cartilage. The ear is then brought closer to the scalp to attain a natural look. Sutures would be required to keep the cartilage in place. After the surgery, the patient would be advised to wear a dressing to help in the healing of the ears.

After the Procedure

It is realistic to expect some pain and swelling after an otoplasty procedure. How long this lasts will depend on what you had done. For the first couple of days, at least, you’ll probably want to take medication that the doctor prescribes for pain and inflammation. Provided you are getting enough sleep, eating healthy and protecting your ears, your healing would be fairly quick. Call a doctor if you think anything is wrong, such as unreasonable pain or swelling, and keep all follow-up appointments.


When you don’t like the look of your ears, for whatever reason, otoplasty can be a viable option for you. It’s up to you to participate fully in the process, from choosing what type of procedure to making sure you take care of yourself through recovery.

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